Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Changing the World: One Doctor's Office at a Time

I received a phone call from the manager of our neurologist’s office regarding the letter I had written (see below). She said that she started to draft a letter back to me, but decided a phone call would be more personal. To be honest, I liked her. I liked that she apologized profusely was able to admit they dropped the ball. More then that, I liked that she promised this wouldn’t happen again to ANYBODY. Apparently she had a long conversation with the Dr. about what happened and they decided it was now her responsibility to make sure all patients are notified of test results. The Dr had taken for granted that patients usually call to follow-up…. my situation enlightened them. I could tell she was truly sorry, the tone in her voice spoke volumes! She said if I ever needed anything to call her…. even if it’s for advice or a referral to a new neurologist haha. I couldn’t be happier about the outcome… it might be a minor change in a small office, but it’s good change that might save another mom big heartache!


  1. Good for you,, and for them for stepping up and admitting their huge error!